Hybrid Machine
3D Printer ยท CNC Milling Machine

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Whole Machine

Fluent switch between tools.
Extruder and milling tool.


Alternative printing and milling process.
Printing --> Milling --> Printing


High surface quality.

Main Features

3D printing is one kind of additive process, where an object is created by laying down successive layers of material. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology usually ends with visible individual layers, in other words, a poor surface quality.

To improve it, you'll need another milling machine or make your current device capable of switching tools. Although some huge industrial manufacturing machines are capable of switching among up to 200 different tools, it may be better to fit it on a desktop.

High Surface Quality

The combination of 3D printing and CNC milling brings your ideas to life smoothly, fast and with acceptable surface quality.

Reduced Interference

Five-axis design offers you not only more flexibility and freedom, alternative 3D printing and milling process can also furtherly reduce the occurrence of interference. A surface can be milled before potential interferential structures being printed out.

Automatic Tool Switch

Constant change between extruder and milling tool can be time-consuming and may damage the accuracy under misoperations. We managed to find a way to switch tools without manual operation.

How it works

3D Printing

3D Printing

Material : ABS / PLA
Extruder Diameter : 0.4mm
Automatic Tool Switch

Automatic Tool Switch

Raise extruder
Actuate milling tool
Start Milling
Five axes Milling

Five Axes Milling

Three rectangular axes
Two rotary axes

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